Disinfection barrier

Dear customers,

In accordance due to new situation caused by COVID-19, we would like to offer you a product intended for the disinfection of footwear at entrances to business and other premises.

The product is made of vacuumed PVC sheets , iron fill, and anti-slip EPDM rubber.

It also can be screwed into the floor.

With the DS Barrier you get a suitable sponge for disinfectant or rubberized carpet.

Product dimensions and prices :

  • 615mm x 410mm x 20mm = 33€
  • 880mm x 620mm x 30mm = 53 €
  • 880mm x 620mm x 30mm (wheelchair extension / tilt) = 60 €
  • 880mm x 950mm x 30mm = 90 €
  • 880mm x 950mm x 30mm (wheelchair extension / tilt) = 103 €
  • 880mm x 1900mm x 30mm = 120 €
  • 880mm x 1900mm x 30mm (wheelchair extension / tilt) = 140 €

Prices are without VAT.

Barrier color: white, grey or wood cherry decor.

We are also able to offer you the purchase of an additional sponge at a price of 3 € + VAT or additional ruberized carpet at a price od 4 € + VAT.

For the amount above 160 € the shipping cost is borne by us.

For orders over 100 pieces, we provide an additional discount.

We also offer disinfectant Dezitan, 100 gram granules. Use 1-2 grams in 5 liters of water. Into DS Barrier you should apply 1-2l of it and then put sponge over it and wait until its soaked. If you have carpet you just apply disinfectant over it.

For any other questions, feel free to contact us.


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