One side hidden sash

Jednostrano skriveno krilo


In this case only the outside part of the sash is completely covered with the decorative panel.
On the inside decorative panel is installed in the sash leaving sash and the door frame visible.


Insulation of the decorative panels is made from the XPS. Decorative panels for installation in the one side hidden sash can be thick from 36 mm up to 90 mm. Two, three or four layered glass, also with LOW-e on one or both sides filled with 90% argon. The sheets of these panels are both sides 3 mm thick, inside covered with the 5 mm thick dilatation rubber.


Decorative panels for the hidden sash are cut on the specific measure needed for installation in the sash. Drilling holes for the cylinder, door knob and handle are an integral part of the production.
All drillings are made before the powder coating so all openings on the panel would be powder coated.