New production facilities Grad-Export d.o.o.

On Jan 10, 2019. began the construction of a new modern hall for the production of ALU decorative panels totalled 1,600 m2. The new hall will be located in Industrial Zone of Vinkovci, along with the existing production machinery of the company. New Trumpf lasers for cutting of ALU plates and stainless steel, 5 new CNC metalworking machines for ALU plate grinding, automatic grinding line ALU plate and new WaterJet for cutting of special types of applications will be available in the new production facilities. With the new production facility, we want to provide better service to our customers, accelerate the production of decorative ALU panels and increase production capacities. The completion of construction hall and the start of the new production is planned for 30.04.2019.

Neue Produktionshalle